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Are you a heart-based person who would like to become a freedompreneur and grow your business in-line with your passions, values, and beliefs?

Imagine hosting and co-creating your own workshop or retreat with us in the world's most beautiful islands: the Lofoten Islands.

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We help skilled practitioners grow their business by hosting and co-creating a workshop or retreat in the amazing Lofoten Islands.


Together with carefully selected partners, we offer specifically designed programs for personal development and mind, body, and spirit connection. We help host and co-create programs primarily focused on the 6Ms:

  • Masterminds, such as coaching retreats, supervisions, mentoring, and peer powers

  • Mindfulness and Meditation with energy and connected breathwork

  • Manifestation workshops, such as creating a life vision and a new personal identity

  • Movement workshops connected to outdoor and nature, such as yoga and hiking 

  • Music workshops, such as sounds journeys, djembe drumming, and dancing, just to mention a few

  • Meals, such as culinary experiences with locals and home dining

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If you are a skilled practitioner with an existing practice who wants to share  what you are passionate about with others and you are looking for a world- class destination to grow your business without the stress, time, and energy- consuming research, and strategic preparations done all by yourself, then you don’t have to look no further. ​

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We know that big changes have recently occurred in the world and that this might have affected your practice.

So, if you want to keep your existing clients and grow your business finding new ones, you need to be ahead with your offer. Imagine what the impact would be on your life and business if you could:

  • Run a workshop or retreat in one of the most spectacular locations in the world: the Lofoten Islands

  • Organize a workshop in a beautiful, comfortable, fully equipped, safe, and high- quality BaseCamp with a homey vibe and personal touch

  • Find reliable like-minded business partners with unique, local know-how, skills, experiences, and location for a long-term collaboration

  • Learn more about the world's most beautiful islands, connect with the locals, and build a professional network

  • Grow your business and develop your portfolio with a new, sustainable destination for your programs

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We are looking for YOU who have the burning desire to share your passion with the world and believe that you can definitely grow your business and make an extraordinary lifestyle out of it.


  • You are passionate about your core activity, spending a lot of time developing your skills and gaining experience

  • You are interested in personal development and transformative experiences for yourself and your clients

  • You are interested in growing your business to become a significant income source for you

  • You are an outdoor enthusiast, working independently and looking for a tribe of like-minded people

  •  You are an open-minded person with high people skills who likes to interact and share a collective environment while working passionately 


If that’s you, you’ve arrived at the right place!

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We also know that finding a new, safe, and high-quality location for your existing workshop or retreat based in a world-class destination might be a challenging task in the post-covid-19 reality. That’s why we have chosen to open our know-how, skills, experiences and BaseCamp for a partnership with you. So, this is for you if you:


  • Are a skilled practitioner in your field and already have your own pre-designed program or experience with your practice

  • Are looking for a new, safe, and high-quality location for your workshop or retreat because the pandemic has limited your choice of destinations

  • Would love to include the Lofoten Islands into your offer but don’t know how to start and get this done quickly, safely, and effectively

  • Already have a list of potential and recurring clients that you want to introduce to your program in a new and spectacular location

  • Are an already formally organised enterprise

  • Are already earning some money on your programs regardless of whether it is full- time income or just part-time income alongside of your main "job" 

  • Struggle getting access to the quality outdoor destination for your existing program without stress and time-consuming strategic research and preparations

  • Lack support and enough knowledge about the destination, resources, logistics, and regulations to run the workshop or retreat in the Lofoten islands all by yourself

  • Consider going fully in with your business in the long term


We hear you, and we are here to support you.

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We have merged our unique know-how, skills, and 20 years of experience in the tourism industry with the unique location of our Lofoten Planet BaseCamp to create space for your workshops and retreats so your clients will have the best option for transformative experiences and self-development.

Combined with meeting local residents, our programs aim for responsible slow travel, all while taking care of our nature as an Eco-Lighthouse Certified business.

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Here are some strategic key points we can help you with:


  • We specialize in developing unique experiences organized in a workshop and retreat format embodied in nature and culture-based experiences in the Lofoten Islands. 

  • We help map opportunities and challenges for a long-term partnership based on your core activity.

  • We co-create with you a complex program with your unique expertise, which will be the core of the program.

  • We use our 20 years of experience, local knowledge, and business skills to help you put together the best logistics around your program so you can focus on your core activity without the stress associated with organising.

  • We help you follow up on the program so you can focus on carrying out your unique activity and deliver the best experience to your clients.

  • We share our second home, the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp, to host the program with you.

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We know that it is much easier to create extraordinary experiences for your clients when you have the right partners to work with. Actually, we believe that this is perhaps the x-factor of a successful workshop and retreat program, and as our partner, you will have the opportunity to make it happen.

What's in it for you? 

  • Become part of the Lofoten Planet Business Network with great networking opportunities.

  • Find your tribe of like-minded individuals and outdoor enthusiasts like you and create new friendships.

  • Collaborate with other extraordinary partners and members to share ideas, brainstorm, launch new projects, and even create new businesses.

  • Elevate and expand the way you perform with your program and impact the world.

  • Soak up the rich and vibrant local culture of the Lofoten island, its people, food, music, and so much more

  • Participate in social activities with us on our private grounds, which will offer you great memories and insights.

  • Save time and avoid problems, stress, and mistakes so you can focus on what you are doing best and deliver an excellent workshop and retreat for your clients.

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What's in it for your business?

  • Opportunity to expand your business offer with a new spectacular destination

  • Opportunity to attract new, high-ticket clients

  • Opportunity to retarget your existing clients with a new program

  • Opportunity to expand your business network with new potential partners

  • Opportunity for long-term partnership based on predictable, repeatable, and profitable programs

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What's in it for your clients:

  • An inspiring travel to a powerful and inspiring destination: the world's most beautiful archipelago of islands and certified sustainable destination with an ambition to become known as The Green Islands within 2030

  • Opportunity to experience the magical Northern Lights and Midnight Sun and have a closer look at the famous Lofoten winter fishery

  • Eco-friendly BaseCamp with the national park at your doorstep surrounded by mountains and mountain lakes

  • Engaged owners with unique know-how ready to share their time and knowledge

  • Opportunity to cultivate togetherness in a high-quality and beautiful interior decorated with a personal touch combined with a comfortable and fully equipped shared space

  • Sound-proofed space in private rooms embodied in the eco-friendly concept

  • Social, safe, and non-judgemental environment for your clients to think, recharge, and work

  • Opportunity to hike magnificent mountains and relax on sandy beaches at the oceanfront

  • Opportunity to reconnect with pristine nature and wake up the outdoor spirit within you

  • Opportunity to try out new outdoor activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling or indoor activities, such as sound journey and african drums

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Take your first step towards creating your program in the Lofoten Islands without any stress due to lack of knowledge about the destination, network, partners, logistics, and local conditions, like the weather or geographical nuances.

Become our partner and host and co-create your workshop and retreat with us in our Lofoten Planet BaseCamp. Save your time and energy developing your portfolio with a reliable partner in a new destination.


1. Watch our introduction video

2. Schedule a strategy session with us

3. Let’s talk and see if we are a good match and how we can work together

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Tristan Bogaard

"My partner and I stayed at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp numerous times, to lead photography workshops or to work and relax with friends of ours staying over too. I’d go as far as to describe the basecamp as a transformative experience”


Karina Fürst

"I participated in a workshop with the goal to gather professionals to create a think-tank for a retreat concept. Agata and Erwin organized a facilitator, and a total of 14 people worked together for 5 days. Lofoten Planet is the ideal place for such gatherings”

Malgorzata Wolska.JPG

Malgorzata Wolska
Yoga Instructor

"My great gratitude to you both, Agata and Erwin, for having made it possible to visit Lofoten Planet so many times! Your knowledge about this beautiful region and passion for nature have always made me feel safe and so comfortable while having been at Lofoten with my yoga groups”