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Karina Fürst, Entrepreneur in Travel Industry

"I participated in January 2020 in a workshop at Lofoten Planet Basecamp with the goal to gather professionals to create a think-tank for a retreat concept. Agata and Erwin were facilitators, and a total of 14 people worked together for 5 days. Upon arrival, we were all greeted with a handwritten welcome sign in our rooms, which made us feel immediately warmly welcomed. The goal was that we would make the food among ourselves, but they had bought all the ingredients, and in the morning, we had warm and fresh cinnamon rolls waiting for us.

Lofoten Planet is the ideal place for such gatherings. The hosts are extremely helpful and always present with heart and soul. They assisted us in whatever is needed and also showed us the hiking trails around the area. The Lofoten Planet BaseCamp is ideally located because many hikes can be taken directly from there.

The place itself is ideal for closed groups with a big gathering area in the middle of the building. Every room is furnished with good quality and tasteful furniture. They all have a cosy atmosphere. The bathrooms are very good and of high quality. The Lofoten Planet Basecamp is THE place to go, and most important Agata and Erwin are the BEST hosts one can imagine.

I can imagine bringing different types of groups here and, I am 100% confident that my guests will share the same experience I did.”

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Tristan Bogaard - Photographer, Traveller, Content Creator

"My partner and I stayed at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp numerous times, to lead photography workshops or to work and relax with friends of ours staying over too. Every moment spent at the basecamp has been pleasant due to the comfortable and productive atmosphere. It is both a place to wind down and to stimulate oneself. Connecting with others is easy in the common spaces, and getting some rest is magnificent in the private rooms. I’d go as far as to describe the basecamp as a transformative experience, offering a home-like base to work, play, and connect with like-minded individuals while adding the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle right at your doorstep."

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Jochen Bohne

"Lofoten Planet was a great experience for us. Everything was much better than we expected. This place is very appropriate to develop new ideas, work in groups, and collect impressions not only because of the awesome outdoors but also because of the indoor experience; Agata and Erwin are great hosts who offer more than just some room to stay in. In addition, the location is exquisitely comfortable. The people we met at Lofoten Planet brought together different inspirations and points of views from different countries. We benefited a lot from being there.”

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Lilian Dijkema

“I really enjoyed being in a relaxed, effective atmosphere for our workshop last year. From the content of the workshop, the meals, the very comfortable bean bags, and sofas, and chairs to the possibility to digest everything during a walk around the lake and up to the lighthouse, it was my kind of thing.

You've got an ‘all-round’ place at Lofoten Planet! Congratulations!”

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Malgorzata Wolska - Yoga Instructor

“I am so thankful that I've had the opportunity to visit Lofoten so many times. I might have had around 20 visits already, so far... And the next plans are on the way! The Lofoten Islands are magical all year long, both in spring, summer, autumn and winter. I love the dependency on nature, on weather, on all the outer conditions there. A human being can easily recall that we are not the owners of the world, as many issues do depend on outer circumstances. It is a needed lesson of humbleness and a reminder that mankind is just a part of nature. At Lofoten, you need to cooperate; you can't manage everything on your own.


My great gratitude to you both, Agata and Erwin, for having made it possible to visit Lofoten Planet so many times! You have always been such friendly and attentive hosts to me and my yoga friends. Your knowledge about this beautiful region and passion for nature have always made me feel safe and so comfortable while having been at Lofoten with my yoga groups, and this is so important while travelling to the north and searching for balance for the body and mind.


Lofoten Planet is a great destination for resting from our busy, daily routine and duties, to breath in and out deeply and consciously, to come back to a real contact with our true nature. This is asides from the scenical hiking, admiring the beauty of mountains, being surrounded by amazing waters, and being immersed in such diverse and unique lights all year long. :-) Allow yourself to experience it all!”

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Małgorzata Kuzdra

“Visiting Lofoten was, for me, the experience of going “far north” and has brought a wide spectrum of impressions. It was precious to have the helpful assistance of Agata and Erwin on technical details, such as keeping the projection equipment working or getting the freshest local fish. I appreciate the attitude of our hosts in making things work with kindness and flexibility. But above all, I am still impressed by the friendly, cosy, and welcoming space and atmosphere they were able to create at Lofoten Planete. That’s a very unique place! Especially if you are going “far north” with a group of people you’re responsible for, you will need some guidance and a feeling of being at home, and the Lofoten Planet team makes it happen.”

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“We stayed two nights at the Basecamp and were really impressed by the concept as well as how well everything worked. The place was really clean and managed as it really is their own thing that they want to do well, not just to maximize profits with minimum effort.

I wholeheartedly recommend staying at the Planet Basecamp and will stay there if I visit Lofoten again.”

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“What a lovely place. I really loved this. Great designed, modern and large space in kitchen, common room. It has created a relax, comfortable atmosphere through out the place. The owners are wonderful, kind, super friendly and very helpful. I had great time to stay with Planet BaseCamp. The coffee rolls are amazing! All the doors are sound-blocked to keep the noise down. The owners gave valuable tips of the area.”

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“Lofoten Planet Base Camp has well-designed and well-executed rooms, along with very pleasant common rooms in which to eat or talk with other guests. The best quality of the place, however, is the helpful staff. They play the role of a concierge in a luxury hotel, suggesting activities for the guests and helping them organize their plans during their stay. The price is barely more than other places in the vicinity which have both inferior facilities and inferior service, so Lofoten Planet Base Camp is also an excellent value.”

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Natalia R

An unusual place guided by great people. The resort itself is well-equipped, with a large kitchen suitable to joint cooking, clean and tidy rooms and the beautiful space for yoga practice with an amazing view of the lake. I was absolutely fascinated by the kindness of the owners who took good care of us. They willingly gave us helpful tips and shared great knowledge about the Lofoten and not only. The location of the resort is really good, it's situated next to the bus stop, just behind the corner is a well-equipped shop (with gluten-free products!), the kitchen and dining room (with a large table for shared meals) has beautiful view of the mountains. If I would visit Norway again, I will be delighted to choose Lofoten Planet as an accommodation. A wonderful place and people creating atmosphere.

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Katrin Friedenberger

Cosy and homely feeling from the first step you do on the soft carpet.

Spacious community kitchen, and comfy living room with a beamer and Apple TV.

Bathrooms a super clean and with floor heating. Beds are super comfy.

Big plus --> washing machine with dryer are free to use and they provide a big entrance hall to hang and dry your hiking clothes. Hiking boot blow-dryer is available and free to use as well for your muddy and wet boots. Free cinnamon buns are delivered every morning ---> super yummy

The owner and staff ia super helpful and have a lot of advices what you can do best at what kind of weathered conditions. We enjoyed staying here a lot.

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Julia Giray

We were extremely lucky to find such a cool place to stay in the Moskene community. It is the perfect place to start outdoor adventures: the hiking trails to Munken or Hermannsdalstinden are accessible by foot from the Basecamp and Reine is just a 5 minutes drive from Sørvågen. Just ask the very helpful staff for advise and local tipps to make the most of your stay!

The camp itself is very modern and all the rooms and common areas have recently been renovated. It is very cozy and offers plenty of opportunities to relax after a day outdoors. If you are looking for a special treat or travel with a larger group, check out the suite! It comes with an own kitchen and spacious bathroom. We had a great time at the Planet Basecamp and will definitely stay again there at our next visit to Lofoten

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Shaun from Australia

Upon arrival, a really quick walk from the bus stop, i had all the information in my emails to get inside and get to my room. Brilliant. No keys, trust system - So easy. This should be adopted everywhere. I would hardly call it a hostel, the first morning I woke up I was met by other travelers and we all sat together and had breakfast, free coffee and talked about the area, hikes and each of our experiences. Agata the owner, went above and beyond to make every persons stay enjoyable and paid careful attention to each request, ensuring it was met. Could keep going, but by far the best experience - well and truly off the beaten track, that i've had at a 'hostel'. This is without even mentioning the area - I was absolutely in awe of the hikes, backdrop and access to the endless opportunities.  oh, and the northern lights at the door step…

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Mirna from Belgium

Most perfect stay ever. If I could give a score of 20 to this property, I’d gladly do so! I don’t even know where to begin expressing how amazing Basecamp is. We felt taken care of even before we arrived, the communication was just on another level. And the property itself is gorgeousssss + the location is just perfect. Agata was an amazing host and took care of us through every detail. Thanks so much for everything!

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Kendra from United States

Relaxing, beautiful, clean, friendly, a perfect stay in Lofoten

Every morning there were fresh baked goods and a friendly smile greeting you. They were always ready to answer any questions and help plan your day. The beds were really comfortable and the common area was very inviting. I loved the kitchen area and living space, it was a nice place where you could socialize with other guests. I really liked the area it was very central but quiet. Thanks for a wonderful stay and I hope to be back again in the future.

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Alexander from United States

A completely perfect, enriching, happy experience at the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp!

This was by far one of the best (if not The Best) experience I've ever had at a hostel. The host was incredibly helpful and kind. The facilities were superb (great amenities, modern household, very cozy feeling). And the location, while seemingly far from other places, was perfect for catching the bus anywhere, walking to some nearby towns, and hiking up the mountains. I couldn't have asked for a better time at The Lofoten Planet Base Camp. I would recommend to absolutely anyone visiting the Lofoten Islands. I didn't want to leave because it was such a terrific hostel.

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Marina from Germany

Exceptional. The owner was very friendly and provided some great tips for activities to do in the area and places to visit. The bed was sooo comfortable, the bathroom spotless and the lounge area had a distinct Nordic coziness about it. It was close to several supermarkets and restaurants. The little details made my stay very memorable, e.g. the personalized welcome sign and the free coffee and cinnamon buns. Best place I stayed in Norway! Thank you so much!

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