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20 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Imagine traveling to one of the most spectacular locations in the world surrounded by magnificent mountains, crystal-clear ocean, white beaches, and the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Here you will find small picturesque fishing villages with red fishermen's cabins and local restaurants serving delicious local food. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts who love adventure and outdoor life.

If you are a meditator and explorer and you love traveling, meeting new people with similar passions and adventures thanks to which you can learn and develop, then you will love this Retreat in the amazing Lofoten Islands.


Meditating in such a beautiful place is an extraordinary experience that will enrich and inspire your daily practice. Imagine practicing in these amazing natural surroundings. The first deep breath of clean mountain air and a long, calm exhale.

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Feel yourself standing face to face with majestic mountains and crystal clear waters as you practice your own walking meditation.

Immerse yourself in the silence of the nature around you as you relax in Savasana or sit in meditation on soft moss.

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Experience your adventurous journey in one of the most spectacular locations in the world: the Lofoten Islands. The archipelago is located in Northern Norway, 300 km above the polar circle, and is one of the most magical places on Earth. This exclusive, authentic, inspiring, and powerful world-class tourism destination is a perfect place to retreat and reflect on yourself and your life choices.



  • Rated the third most appealing islands in the world because of their excellent natural attractions, rich marine life in crystal-clear waters, white beaches, and magnificent light conditions. The Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, which are the natural phenomena, are only available above the Arctic Circle

  • Certified as a Sustainable Destination that works systematically to preserve the local nature, culture, and environment as well as strengthen the social values and be economically viable

  • Setting a goal to become The Green Islands, which means a low-emission society by 2030

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Find your home far away from home at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp.

You will be immersed in a social, safe, and non-judgemental environment of like- minded people with whom you can work and share your time and experiences both outside and inside, and the entire BaseCamp is exclusively booked for this event.

  • You will have the national park at your doorstep with alpine landscape, fjords with crystal- clear turquoise water and huge, sandy beaches at the oceanfront waiting for you to explore them.

  • You will stay in the picturesque fishing village of Sørvågen, by the lake shore and in front of magnificent and sheer mountains.

  • While staying at Lofoten Planet you will enjoy high-quality, cozy interior with a personal touch combined with fully equipped shared space ready for group sessions, mingling, dining, and relaxing.


Immerse yourself in an intimate and sound-proof space
in your private room equipped with high quality interior with everything you need to rest and recharge.

Included in each accommodation is access to a shared space with living room, dining and relaxing area with fireplace, library corner, outdoor terrace, dry and storage room for outdoor gear and clothing, as well as free high speed WiFi in the whole building.

Everything designed with focus on nature and your wellbeing.

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Private Double, Twin or Single room gives you private space to be on your own whenever you feel like it.

This soundproofed room features a large 180cm double bed with headboard or 1-2 separate 90cm single beds with headboards, view of private lakeshore or the mountains, shared high-quality bathroom with shower, vintage furniture and handmade accessories like bedside / laptop table and usb charger.


Superior room is for you if you would like to have more space, more comfort and more privacy.

This soundproofed room features a large 180cm double bed with headboard or 2 separate 90cm single beds with headboard, view of private lakeshore, private high-quality bathroom with shower, private kitchenette, vintage furniture and handmade accessories like bedside / laptop table and usb charger.

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Lofoten Planet Suite is perfect if you are a party of four and would like to enjoy large private space and private facilities.

The Suite is exclusively located on the second floor and features views of private lakeshore and mountains. The first bedroom is equipped with 2 separate 90cm single beds with headboard while the second bedroom has two large 180cm double beds designed on the platform to get closer to 6 roof windows for northern light watching. Additionally it has a spacious high-quality bathroom with shower, private living and dining room with kitchen, vintage furniture and handmade accessories.


If you’re not a foodie yet, you will definitely become one after you visit the Lofoten Islands, an acclaimed culinary destination. The delicious local tasty food is sourced directly from nature and prepared with passion by our local master chefs.

Most of the meals will be prepared by our local chef on site. We are privileged to have quite a few world-class restaurants in our neighborhood. During the retreat, you will visit some of the restaurants we have chosen to enrich your culinary experience. The restaurants offer the treasures of traditional Norwegian cuisine with local, fresh ingredients.

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Have you ever seen a dried head of a monkfish, smelled stockfish hanging on the racks, tried Baccalao or the Arctic cod? 


Enjoy a rich selection of locally sourced seafood from crystal-clear Arctic waters like fresh fish, stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, caviar, deep-water prawn, king crab or blue mussels.

Try unique delicacies from the Arctic region, such as white and brown goat cheese, cloudberry marmalade, and the famous Lofoten lambs that graze in the mountains and by the sea, all produced by local farmers.


Join us for our specially designed culinary event at the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp where you will be served fresh local food and enjoy storytelling by our local master chefs. 

Try out Lofoten seaweed, a delicious brain food harvested in the Arctic waters and listen to the waves breaking by one of Lofoten’s finest sandy beaches while having your lunch outdoors.



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Leaving the mainland and crossing the Vestfjord to get to the islands by plane or by ferry, you will see the wall of the Lofoten mountains fading straight from the ocean like a lost world in the movies.

You will be picked up either at Leknes airport or Moskenes ferry station and even after this short drive your breath might be taken away by the powerful nature around you.

When you arrive at Lofoten Planet BaseCamp we will gather for a short introduction and briefing about what will happen during the following days.

Your first day in Lofoten will immediately make you feel immersed in nature. The evening will be followed Welcome Dinner before you will peacefully land in your soundproof room to recharge for your adventurous journey that will start the next morning.

We encourage you during your entire stay to hunt for the Northern Lights until late in the evenings. At this time of year, if the weather is favorable and there is higher aurora activity, you can admire this extraordinary phenomenon in the Lofoten Islands.



Your first full day in Lofoten Islands will be a day of unwinding and participating in a local cultural event.

You will start the day with your meditation practice and delicious breakfast.

During the day you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes that surround Lofoten Planet Basecamp.

Join us for the event Light Walk Lofoten around the lake in our village Sørvågen later in the evening!

This yearly event, organized by locals and artists, is a magical experience with light installations and artists in illuminated costumes. This special event attracts the local community from all over the archipelago as well as tourists. The theme this year is "For the love of art."

We'd love your support in getting ready for the event or cleaning up afterward. It's a great way to connect with the community and make the evening even more special.

We will enjoy delicious dinner at the restaurant before participating in the Light Walk Event.




Today is your day for the memorable Mindful Hike.

Traditionally we will make space for your meditation session and enjoy breakfast at the basecamp.

In the middle of the day we will head outdoors for the Hike! We will pick a suitable hike based on the weather forecast and the physical shape of the group.

You will raise your energy level and get a bigger perspective by experiencing the power of the waterfalls, mountain lakes and breathtaking viewpoints from
mountain peaks.

You might get beyond your comfort zone by experiencing grounding, fun and joy in walking barefoot on a mountain trail and on soft and damp moss.

During this transformative hike we focus on a present moment, take time to connect with nature during a walking meditation and enjoy being with like-minded people surrounded by stunning Lofoten nature.

After a whole day spent outdoors, in the evening you will eat a delicious meal at a local restaurant and you will have plenty of time to reflect and share your impressions of your active time.

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On this day you can choose your own activity or join an optional organized experience. Before breakfast we will kick start the day with your meditation practice.

Optional experiences to be organized for You who want to:

* Raise your energy and vibrations on a high level. We can organize for you an amazing hike on an iconic mountain Reinebringen with spectacular views over the fjords that will take your breath away.

You will get into a mindful trance, discovering an unique path made by Sherpas from Nepal. The view from the summit is one of the most recognizable landscapes from Norway

* Embark on your amazing kayaking adventure to experience the most picturesque spots in the fjord. From the double kayak You might be lucky to witness orcas, seals, eagles and other animals, paddling over the crystal clear water or shallow sea, and you will just enjoy the silent pleasure of the majestic landscape.

In the evening You will be invited to a local's house to clear your body and mind in a sauna and hot tub. You will feel relief and a sense of peace before enjoying delicious meal at the end of the day.



Today is a day full of excitement for all your senses. After your meditation session and breakfast you will have the opportunity to get to know our and neighboring island better.

In Fredvang we will hike on the summit of Yttresand, from which there is an amazing view of sandy white beaches, steep peaks and tiny fishing villages.

Will stop for a walk along the sandy beach of Ramberg and head towards an extraordinary place, surrounded by a spectacular landscape, where pure magic happens.

You will get inspired by local glass handcrafts at Glasshytta in Vikten and see how the artists transform liquid glass into amazing shapes.

On the way back to our basecamp you will have the opportunity to visit the most popular culinary destination in Lofoten, Sakrisøy. It is an extremely original and authentic place where tradition intertwines with modernity. In addition to the Norwegian-famous fishburger and the best fish soup in the area, you will also be able to buy interesting culinary souvenirs.

We will make a stop on a neighboring island Hamnøy, the most photographed island with fishing cottages in Norway. This is where the best photographers from around the world stop in winter to hunt the Northern Lights.

We will enjoy a light meal together and end the day with our own meditation practice.

DAY 6,7


Your last full day in Lofoten Islands will be a very special day of rituals. We will kick start the day with your meditation practice.

After a delicious breakfast at the basecamp we will get on the open water to cross the magnificent Reinefjord by boat and land in the heart of the national park.

We will cross the higher ground to get to the wild outer-coast, where on the huge, arctic sandy beach you will get through TTT ritual and become a member of the Lofoten tribe. We invite you for a walking meditation before serving you a simple outdoor meal on the beach.

After the full day of enjoying wild arctic nature, you will be welcomed back right into a culinary Home Dining Event with local tasty food sourced directly from nature and prepared with passion by our local master chef and storytelling by a friendly fisherman from our island.


We will enjoy our last breakfast together before you will be leaving Lofoten Islands towards the mainland and crossing the Vestfjord again.




  • 7 incredible days together with meditation sessions and adventures

  • 6 nights in the unique boutique hotel Lofoten Planet Basecamp exclusively for our group with following options:

  • Single or double/twin room with shared bathroom

  • Superior double/twin room with private bathroom and kitchenette

  • Double/twin room in Lofoten Planet Suite with private living room, kitchen and bathroom

  • All breakfasts included

  • Take away lunch day 3, 5, 6

  • Welcome dinner at the basecamp on the 1st day

  • Dinner at the local restaurant day 2, 3, 5

  • Home dining in the evening day 6

  • Tea/Coffee/snacks in the BaseCamp

  • All scheduled Events, Adventures and Mindful Activities day 3, 5 and 6 Transportation from/to the ferry dock in Moskenes and/or Leknes airport.


  • Your round-trip airfare from home with flight tickets or/and ferry tickets

  • Travel insurance, Trip cancellation and Personal, Medical Insurance

  • Other non-included services like transportation & activities in your free time, additional food, drinks, alcohol, tips, souvenirs and similar

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This trip is recommended for active, healthy people as we will be hiking/walking/ paddling and doing different outdoor activities every day for a few hours. We might also use different outdoor equipment related to the time of the year and activities like walking sticks for those who might need them, kayaks, dry suites and similar.

The actual schedule of sessions and experiences and what we will be doing day to day might change the sequential order. This is because we adapt to ever-changing climate and weather conditions as well as depending on the group energy, the program may shift in any direction.

Weather in the Lofoten Islands can be unpredictable and rough, which means we can’t guarantee we will be able to do all the activities as conditions could be dangerous and our safety at risk. In that case there will be an alternative experience with equal value and attractiveness.

Also, the Lofoten Islands are one of the best located places in the world to see the Northern Lights, but it is never guaranteed, we need at least partly clear skies and solar activity to see them, but keep it in mind that year 2024 is the height of the 11 year solar cycle and that the potencial to see the Northern Lights could be the best it’s been in a decade. Let’s hope we get lucky!


All prices are per person and in Norwegian kroner.

10NOK = approximately 1U$D


Double occupancy in Standard room or Suite

Early Bird Price: 21 990 NOK 

Normal Price: 24 990 NOK 

Double occupancy in Superior room with private bathroom

Early Bird Price: 22 990 NOK
Normal Price: 26 990 NOK 

Single occupancy in Single room 

Early Bird Price: 24 990 NOK

Normal Price: 28 990 NOK

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We are visionary freedompreneurs for whom personal growth is the driving force behind all our activities.


We have been living in our Arctic paradise in the Lofoten Islands for over 20 years. By doing what we love, we created Lofoten Planet.


We are both passionate about outdoor life and connecting with people and nature. Through mountain hiking, kayaking, ski touring and diving, we discover our islands again and again. We happily share our passions and the magical Lofoten with all our guests.


In cooperation with our partners, we have designed a unique offer of retreats, thanks to which we create a space for meetings, reflection, mindful adventures and personal development.


As your retreat leaders and hosts, we will welcome you with an open mind, curiosity and warmth. Our friendly and transparent style will make you feel comfortable and safe during your stay.

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Tristan Bogaard

"My partner and I stayed at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp numerous times, to lead photography workshops or to work and relax with friends of ours staying over too. I’d go as far as to describe the basecamp as a transformative experience”


Karina Fürst

"I participated in a workshop with the goal to gather professionals to create a think-tank for a retreat concept. Agata and Erwin were facilitators, and a total of 14 people worked together for 5 days. Lofoten Planet is the ideal place for such gatherings”

Malgorzata Wolska.JPG

Malgorzata Wolska
Yoga Instructor

"My great gratitude to you both, Agata and Erwin, for having made it possible to visit Lofoten Planet so many times! Your knowledge about this beautiful region and passion for nature have always made me feel safe and so comfortable while having been at Lofoten with my yoga groups”

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