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We are Agata and Erwin, freedompreneurs, founders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We met each other for the first time almost two decades ago 300km above the polar circle in the Arctic in Norway. We were very young and passionate about personal development, connecting with people, nature and outdoor life. Since then, we have also been passionate about each other, so we have decided to onboard our sometimes-bumpy life journey together, applying our passions into our business projects. And this is one of them: Lofoten Planet.

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By doing what we love we have created the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp. This is THE place to choose for your next Coaching Retreat, Workshop, or Workation. 


All our passions are equally important, which is why we implement them all into our signature program: Coaching Retreat. We have a big focus on sustainable tourism, hostmanship, and experience design. We are a certified Eco Lighthouse business.


Together with carefully selected partners, we also create specifically designed programs that include different activities within coaching, personal development, yoga with meditation, and mindful hiking. Combined with meeting local enthusiasts, participating in responsible travel, and taking care of our nature, this creates space for reflection, transformative experiences, and self-development.

Join us on the adventure and explore yourself in this spectacular place on Earth.
And always feel as free as you deserve to be!

Would you like to become a co-creator to facilitate your next Coaching Retreat or Workshop in the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp?

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We are passionate about personal development and social enterprise in tourism. This is why we have created our boutique hotel Lofoten Planet BaseCamp to host Coaching Retreats for open-minded people like you who want to consciously adapt to change.

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I’m a relationship builder and explorer passionate about creating energizing connections with people and nature. 


At the same time, I’m the co-founder of the Lofoten Planet Basecamp and an engaged host. I’m an explorer by nature and addicted to freedom of choice; that’s why I chose to live here in the Lofoten Islands, one of the most spectacular and inspiring places on Earth. 


Lofoten has been my home for more than 20 years, where I have been working in the tourism and hospitality industry. I’m still thrilled by the beauty and magnetism of the islands and happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

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I’m an expressive, intuitive, and engaged person, and I use my passion for nature and people to create meaningful and memorable experiences that you can be a part of. 

I’m a mountain enthusiast and always ready to go on a hike or a ski tour or just take a mindful kayak tour into the fiord no matter the season, so you can join me if you feel like!

I enjoy sharing my time and knowledge with others, so please don’t hesitate to ask me for information or advice. Out in nature, I am attuned to all my senses. It is always a great exercise of humbleness and helps me improve my mind-body balance.

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I am driven by a profound sense of adventure and connectedness. I have been traveling worldwide but still consider the Lofoten Islands to be my paradise that surprises, amazes, inspires,  and makes me feel grateful for so many things and moments every day. 


I’ve been passionate about the mountains and island life since I can remember. In all my travels, I was always chasing connections, eager to learn more about new places and people and their way of living, cuisine and culture. As your host, I will always meet you with curiosity, an open mind, and a welcoming approach.


People say I’m a catalyst who adds value by starting accion. I take actions aligned with my values and beliefs.

I am a heart-based person and relationship-builder with strong people skills. You can expect my approachable and transparent style will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m often straightforward in my opinions and sometimes take actions before I even think.  I am quite spontaneous so you can often find a buddy for your mountain hike, paddle tour, walking talk, yoga, or meditation session.


I am a freedompreneur and business owner coach on a mission to help expat entrepreneurs adapt to an ever-changing environment, so they can free themselves from chronic stress. 

I know what it’s like to adapt to change and break free from the vicious cycle of chronic stress. In fact,  I am successfully recovering from it myself. 

I experienced adapting to change similarly to conquering a mountain, but I wish I could have found a guide to partner up with on my own journey

And that’s exactly what I do for my clients today!
Visit my website to learn more about how I can support you.

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I became a freedompreneur because I love the freedom of choice. As an expat entrepreneur, I fully understand the challenges connected to such a lifestyle.

When I was 14 years old, I decided to become an entrepreneur outside of my home country. I have chosen entrepreneurial life here in the Arctic paradise of the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. I fell in love with this extraordinary place on Earth immediately and decided to contribute to the development of a sustainable tourism destination. Today, I draw from my experience in the hospitality industry, where we have been developing our projects and hosting guests from more than 90 different countries over the past 15 years.

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I am an outdoor enthusiast, and nature lover driven by the call of adventure. I love cultivating my 8Ms: mindset, mindfulness and meditation, manifestation, music, movement, meals, mountains and motorcycle.

Hiking in the mountains and riding a motorcycle are my personal favorite expressions of freedom and connectedness. You can join me for big and small adventures, and I believe you can get inspired when you join us for our Coaching Retreat in Lofoten Islands.

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I will help you to develop your own personalized strategy to better adapt to change in a harmonious and creative way, so you will be able to produce ingenious solutions to your complex environment. My clients say I am their “secret weapon.”


You will be asked questions that shift perspective, so you can find solutions that work for you. I will serve you with my creative, analytical, and curious mind that is constantly extracting systems and structures from the stories shared with me. It’s my natural talent. And I walk my talk. Everything I share and coach I also test in my own life and make sure that it actually works. 


If you are curious and would like to learn more about how I can support you, visit my website:

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