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How can I get to the Lofoten Islands?

  • First, you must get to Norway by taking a flight to Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

  • From Oslo, you will take a flight with or to Bodø in Northern Norway. It takes approximately 1hour and 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can go to Narvik/Evenes Airport, which takes 1hour and 40 minutes. From Narvik, you can take a bus to Moskenes, which is a 6-hour drive. 

  • From Bodø Airport, you can fly directly to Leknes Airport with, or you can fly from Oslo to Bodø to Leknes with We will pick you up from the airport, and the drive to Lofoten Planet Basecamp will last approximately 1hour. The pick up service is available only for retreat guests. 

  • You can also take the ferry from ferry dock in Bodø to Moskenes. The timetable and prices are available at: . It takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes one way. The ferry dock is located 2.5 km from our BaseCamp, and pick- up is included. The pick up service is available only for retreat guests. 

  • If you decide to use public transportation during your stay, you’ll find a timetable for buses at The nearest bus stop is by the school, only a minute from our BaseCamp by foot. 

  • Find more useful information about the Lofoten Islands here:

Where is the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp located?

The Lofoten Planet Basecamp is situated in the picturesque fishing village of Sørvågen on Moskenes island in the western part of Lofoten. It’s the wildest and most spectacular part of the archipelago, and the island is the last one situated along the E10 road. Check the location

What facilities can I find in the BaseCamp?

When you enter our charming, modern, vintage and furnished place, you will immediately sense its good vibes and intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in your own Lofoten home. Feel comfy in our cozy, decorated and spacious living room and chill out area with the built-in fireplace. Watch your pictures, and videos, or movies on Apple TV on our big screen. You can enjoy the spacious, fully equipped kitchen, taste excellent coffee or tea, and mingle with other guests at a common dining place.

What type of room can I choose?

You will have an opportunity to choose a superior private room or private room, both as double, twin or single option during the retreat. Additionally there is a Suite available as an entire separate fully equipped apartment on the second floor of the basecamp, with 2 bedrooms,, bathroom and living room with the kitchen.

Where can I do my groceries?

The grocery shop, Joker, is only 500m away and Matkroken grocery is just around the corner. To buy gifts, the best souvenir shops are Anita’s Seafood on Sakrisøy, The Gallery Eva Harr in Reine and The Lofoten Store in Ramberg on Flakstad island.

What menu will be served during the retreat?

  • The local modern Havet Restaurant across the road ensures that you get enough nutrition and energy to start your day. 

  • You will enjoy a conventional Norwegian breakfast with unique delicacies from the Arctic region, such as white and brown goat cheese delivered by local farmers, smoked salmon and trout, or cloudberry marmalade

  • For lunch, you will try one of the dishes that all restaurants compete on: a legendary cream-based fish soup fully loaded with cod, salmon, and Norwegian blue mussels. 

  • Have you ever seen a monkfish dried head or smelled stockfish hanging on the racks? Anita’s Seafood on Sakrisøy is the unique delicacy shop and restaurant, where you will find a rich selection of locally sourced seafood, inlcuding stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, trout, halibut, caviar, and a wide selection of fresh fish. The product range varies from season to season. Anita’s grab-and-eat concept is perfect as you will need a bite on the go, such as their world-wide- famous fish burgers topped with shrimp and salmon. You will enjoy them with a spectacular view on Reinefjord in the seafood bar.

  • Imagine sitting in front of one of Lofoten’s finest sandy beaches enjoying your meal.  Ramberg Gjestegård is situated in the small town of Ramberg and known for its excellent location and focus on creating and developing new courses based on the local resources. The restaurant is absolutely worth to visit. 

  • Have a breathtaking view of the stunning Reinefjord from the tiny village of Hamnøy with the oldest resort of fishermen’s cabins Eliassen Rorbuer, and enjoy the local food prepared with Italian twist by excellent chefs at Gadus - Nordic Trattoria

  • Experience an outdoor lunch meal with grilled fish cakes. All food tastes better out in nature! 

  • Imagine dining in a unique place, which at the beginning of the nineteenth century was a factory producing fish oil and canned goods. Later, it became a storehouse for stockfish and salted Klippfisk fish, but in the end, it finally transformed into an exquisite restaurant. TripAdvisor placed Maren Anna Restaurant in the top three most recommended restaurants in the Nordland region. 

  • During spawning time, a great amount of Arctic cod travels from the Barents Sea; the ones fished near the Lofoten are distinguished by size (up to 40 kg) and have a great taste. And only in wintertime you can taste fresh caviar of cod roes, the deliciously cooked livers, and codfish tongues. 

  • There are vegetarian options available in most of the local restaurants. 

  • Don't forget to try the famous Norwegian waffles and sweet lefser, soft Norwegian flatbread. 

  • You will be invited to our exclusively designed home dining at our BaseCamp. The fresh first-class seafood and the famous Lofoten lamb are often on the menu. If you are open to new flavours, try seaweed which is a delicious brain food that is becoming an important part of Norwegian cuisine.

How can I prepare for my journey?

Remember you are travelling to the Arctic. Here are some key points we recommend you consider while preparing for the journey:


Stay Healthy 

  • Prior to traveling, please familiarize yourself with the current infection situation for the area that you want to travel to. Pay attention to the advice provided for infection control. Keep in mind that situations may change rapidly.


Stay Warm and Dry

  • The weather changes a lot here, and you can experience sun, wind, rain, and snow on the same day. We recommend you wear layered, comfortable clothing (dress like an onion, layer by layer). If you’re getting cold, put on another layer. If you’re getting warm, take one off. Merino wool layer is highly recommended. Also, pack waterproof pants and jacket, thick and thin wool socks, warm gloves and warm beanie, casual clothing for indoors, and a small backpack for hiking. It's pure nature out here; be prepared for wet and rough trails. Choose mid-to high-cut models that are sturdy and waterproof.


Be Comfortable 

  • You don’t have to dress up here. Take comfortable and suitable clothes for the weather. High heels and tuxedos are not popular here.


Protect Your Skin and Eyes

  • The air is dry; that is why we can dry cod here. Sun can be especially strong during winter or in the sea. Bring your sunglasses and sunscreen, a good face and hand cream, and a lip balm.


Take All Important Medications with You 

  • The nearest pharmacy is located in Leknes, a one-hour drive from our BaseCamp. However, you can find simple medications in the local grocery store. We have a first-aid kit at the spot. The nearest medical office is in Reine Center. 


Climate and Weather in Lofoten is Ever-Changing 

  • Due to the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream and its extensions, the North Atlantic Current and the Norwegian Current, Lofoten has a much milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude, such as Alaska and Greenland. The coastal climate in Lofoten makes the winter months mild and the summer months relatively cool. The average temperatures in the winter months are around 0°C. However, the winds from the north can cool the temperature down to more than -5°C. During the cool summer months the average temperature is 13°C -15°C, but some years, it’s also common to have many fine days with temperatures of 25°C during the three summer months. The rainiest period is usually from October to December, and the driest months are those from April to August. Autumn and winter storms happen once in a while and are an integral part of the Lofoten climate. Get the latest weather forecast on

How is the COVID-19 situation in the Lofoten Islands?

So far, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t been affected by any significant infection outbreaks on the islands. It feels relatively safe and quiet here. We recommend you to follow the information provided to travellers by the Norwegian Government and Norwegian Institute for Public Health. To learn more follow the links:

When can I experience the Midnight Sun, Polar Night, and Northern Lights?

MIdnight Sun and Polar Night 

  • On our island, the sun is above the horizon from the 27th of May to 15th of July, and in winter, the sun does not rise from the 5th of December to the 5th of January.


Northern Lights

What is Booking & Cancellation policy?

Depends on your booking the cancellation policy may vary. Please check the booking and cancellation policy at the checkout of your reservation in our online booking system: 

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