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Venture beyond the peaks of Lofoten Islands and embark on a
Mindful Hike Coaching journey towards empowerment.


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Conquer the Peaks and Yourself through Mindful Hike Coaching in Lofoten! Merge the exhilaration of hiking with profound introspection through Personal Coaching.

Engage in insightful discussions and tap into your full potential amidst the awe-inspiring nature. Let this unique blend of hiking adventure, and introspection unlock new horizons of your personal growth.

Our signature tour is guided by Erwin, who is a serial entrepreneur and business coach. Discover the untapped depths of your inner strength, while basking in the magnificence of the mountains.

  • Duration: 3-4 hrs 

  • Start time: 14.00 

  • Difficulty: Easy - Medium

  • Group Size: maks. 2 participants 

  • Language: English

  • Price: 1990 NOK 

  • Meeting Point: Lofoten Planet, Sørvågen

With the guidance of experienced coach, you'll uncover your hidden strengths, overcome obstacles, and gain clarity on your personal goals.


Picture yourself surrounded by towering peaks, glistening fjords, and untamed wilderness as you lace up your hiking boots. Led by the personal guide, this mindful hike takes you on a voyage of both the outer and inner landscapes.


Whether you're seeking to conquer personal challenges, find clarity in a life transition, or simply reconnect with your true self, this mindful hike coaching experience will leave you revitalized, inspired, and empowered.



What’s included:

  • Local Guide & Coach in One person

  • Powerful coaching session in nature

  • Access to BaseCamp, toilets, briefing room

  • Hot beverage 

  • Locally crafted snacks

  • Wool seat pad and wooden cup provided

  • Hiking poles provided


What’s NOT included:

  • Personal Travel insurance


What to Take:

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Breathable underwear: 2 layers 

  • Hat & gloves

  • Small backpack

  • Bottle for water 

  • Packed lunch 

  • Sunglasses & Sun screen 

  • Personal meds


Hi, I'm Erwin, great to connect with You.
Multi-passionate Creatives work with me to learn how to structure their business, career and life harmoniously and creatively so that they can become Inspired, Elevated, and Empowered to create the freedom lifestyle they love. 

As a Freedompreneur, I love the freedom of choice.
As an expat serial entrepreneur, I also fully understand the challenges connected to such a lifestyle.

I used to be constantly busy and stressed trying to meet all my daily personal and professional commitments.

So if You are feeling stressed and overwhelmed in your daily life, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to explore how to free up more time and energy to focus on creating the lifestyle you love.


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