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Are you an outdoor-minded free individual looking for a homey, warm, safe, and cosy space with a good vibe to work in all while living next door to spectacular nature?
Join our tribe of freedompreneurs and take your workation to the Lofoten Islands in wintertime!

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If you are a small-medium business owner, solopreneur, freelancer, coach, consultant, digital nomad, or remotely working for a company, you have already gotten used to your freedom of choice. 


However, big changes have recently occurred around the world, and that might have affected your life as well. With the global pandemic, the options you normally have became really cramped in the current reality, and that affected your well-being. What you need to realize is this:


  • The global world situation is constantly changing, but it will take some time to enjoy the same opportunities as you were used to before.

  • You still have your freedom of choice, and you can make a decision that might improve your overall well-being significantly while you are still able to hold onto your professional responsibilities.

All you need to do to keep working while improving your well-being is change your current reality to a workation.

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Is this your current reality?

  • You are stuck working from home, and you miss meeting people in your office, café, or coworking spaces.

  • You are stuck in the city, and you do not have access to the same quality outdoor life as you normally enjoy.

  • You face limitations to enjoy cultural events that were adding higher quality and inspiration to your work.

  • You face restrictions to travel abroad and get to know new places and people as you usually do many times every year.

  • You are unable to get inspired because your daily routine is limited to the basics,  and you are losing focus and momentum.

  • You are missing highlights, small rewards and pleasures on the daily basis,  that you were treating yourself with for you progress

This is a challenging environment for someone like you who is used to having so much freedom of choice, social interactions, and outdoor life. Now, it impacts your well-being, causing you to feel limited.

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Do you recognize yourself?

  • Are you feeling alienated and lonely and now having limited interactions with people?

  • Are you feeling disconnected from the nature that you love and now cannot fully enjoy your active outdoor life that brings you harmony?

  • Are you feeling bored, demotivated, and struggling with your motivation to work?

  • Are you feeling frustrated and irritated because of being stuck inside most of the working time?

  • Are you feeling inactive physically and cannot properly channel your energy in nature?

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We know exactly how it feels, which is why we decided to open our BaseCamp to invite people like you to our second home, so YOU can feel like home. Imagine how would it feel like to:

  • Change your current environment to one of the most spectacular locations in the world: the Lofoten Islands

  • Experience the magical Northern Lights and have the unique opportunity to have a closer look at the famous Lofoten winter fishery 

  • Work and live in a beautiful, comfortable, fully equipped, and safe BaseCamp with homey vibe and personal touch

  • Have the national park at your doorstep with magnificent mountains and sandy beaches at the oceanfront waiting for you to explore

  • Reconnect yourself with pristine nature, cultivate your love for the mountains or wake up an outdoor spirit within you

  • Find your tribe of like-minded individuals and outdoor enthusiasts like you, create new friendships and become part of the Lofoten Planet Community

  • Experience a living, working, and learning vacation solo, with your partner, friends, or family in a parallel reality at Lofoten Planet

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Try workation in the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp, and this is what you can expect to receive:

  • Opportunity to live in a BaseCamp located in the most spectacular part of the Lofoten Islands by the lake shore and in front of the mountains that are waiting to be explored

  • High-quality and beautiful interior with personal touch combined with comfortable and fully equipped space for working and living

  • Your own intime and sound-proofed space in your private room embodied in the co-living concept with the opportunity to be social at any time at your own choice

  • Inspirational, integrative, and creative environment of the coworking space with various working station options

  • Social, safe, and non-judgemental environment of like-minded people with whom you can work and share your free time both outside and inside

  • Engaged owners with unique know-how ready to share their time and knowledge to engage you in the exploration of the island life

  • View on the magnificent Lofoten mountains in the front yard, private lakeshore in the backyard, and access to the seashore across the road

  • Exclusive experience of an authentic, inspiring, and powerful world-class tourism destination without regular tourist traffic during these times

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It has never been a better opportunity to try out the island life and become an islander like us. Join our tribe and you will be able to:

  • Travel to an inspiring and powerful destination far away from your current reality

  • Enter safe space for yourself to think, recharge, and work

  • Belong to a supportive tribe of like-minded people gathered in a unique location with opportunity for lifelong friendships

  • Share your free time together with others (hiking in the mountains, trying new outdoor activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling)

  • Experience Lofoten fishery, visit local fish factories, get your fish for dinner, and organize home dining together with your mates

  • Cultivate togetherness, watch good movies on the big screen, play games, and read books

  • Join the rich and vibrant local culture with outdoor and social activities that will give you incredible memories

  • Practice yoga, meditate, join Zumba classes, and try a sound journey, African drumming course, connected breathwork and much more

  • Work with professional business owner coach either in a one-in-one or in a group setting

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So if you are still wondering, this is for you if you:

  • Are open-minded, independent, social, curious, and empathic

  • Are an outdoor enthusiast with passion for the mountains

  • Are working remotely and independently

  • Like to interact and live in a collective environment

  • Are interested in personal development and growth

  • Want to find your tribe and connect with like-minded people

  • Are interested in meeting the locals

  • Appreciate good movies, good books, and good food

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We are Agata and Erwin, open-minded, visionary, and innovative tribe builders living in the Lofoten Islands. We are inviting purpose-driven individuals who want to achieve their professional and personal goals to work together with us.

We believe in the importance of connecting with ourselves, other people and nature. We believe that personal growth happens in a cosy and safe environment, with closeness to nature, and through personal relations. We share our passion for Lofoten and outdoor life and are always glad to get to know you.

If you feel you want to get to know us better, here is

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Tristan Bogaard

"My partner and I stayed at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp numerous times, to lead photography workshops or to work and relax with friends of ours staying over too. I’d go as far as to describe the basecamp as a transformative experience”


Karina Fürst

"I participated in a workshop with the goal to gather professionals to create a think-tank for a retreat concept. Agata and Erwin were facilitators, and a total of 14 people worked together for 5 days. Lofoten Planet is the ideal place for such gatherings”

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Malgorzata Wolska
Yoga Instructor

"My great gratitude to you both, Agata and Erwin, for having made it possible to visit Lofoten Planet so many times! Your knowledge about this beautiful region and passion for nature have always made me feel safe and so comfortable while having been at Lofoten with my yoga groups”

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If you still have questions, we invite you to check our Q&A, send us a message or give us a call!​