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If you are highly stressed entrepreneur or leader struggling with not having enough time, energy, or structure to handle your complex reality, and you are looking for a safe and non-judgmental space to learn how to adapt to an ever-changing environment, so you can free yourself from chronic stress, then..

Join us for the 7-day Everchange Coaching Retreat in the Lofoten Islands.


How would it feel like to change your current environment to one of the most spectacular locations in the world and reconnect with your true self, nature, and like-minded individuals like you?

Learn principles of adapting to an ever-changing environment, achieve harmony, regaine time and energy, and start living life on your own terms without chronic stress holding you back. Retreat from your current reality and make space for yourself to map where you are and where you want to go next.

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To assist you with adapting to change, we have created the Everchange Coaching Retreat, located in the amazing Lofoten Islands.

This unique coaching program is inspired by an adventure journey of climbing the mountain. Through this program, we will support you with your self-discovery so you can develop and apply your very own Creative Structure, your personalized strategy, for harmonious distribution of your time and energy to better adapt to your changing reality.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

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Let go of the stress of the past year and get clarity on what’s next in your life. Transform uncertainty into opportunity and join us for the Everchange Coaching Retreat in the Lofoten Islands.

  • Travel to a powerful and inspiring destination, the world's most beautiful archipelago of islands, to make space for your own evolution far away from your daily demands.

  • Kickstart your adventure journey of adapting to change in a group-coaching setting with a proven process and a reliable guide, all while being in a safe and non-judgemental space of like-minded people.

  • Learn the principles of adapting to change through experiencing the ever-changing arctic nature of the Lofoten Islands.

  • Envision positive transitions in your life as you experience transitions of natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun.

  • Relieve your chronic stress as you immerse yourself in the healing power of bathing in the arctic ocean and relax on the sandy beach.

  • Gain a new perspective on your life as we take you on one of the elevating hikes.

  • Let go of the old patterns as you rediscover harmony and peace through a mindful sound journey guided by the local enthusiasts. 

  • Progress yourself as you develop your own unique Creative Structure that will become your compass for your everyday life.

  • Evolve as you follow the path and rediscover joy and happiness while we guide you towards the summit of your “Lofoten mountain”. 

  • Cultivate togetherness in a beautiful interior with a personal touch in the eco-friendly BaseCamp with the national park at your doorstep.

  • Dive deep into the intime and soundproofed space of your private room to think, recharge, and work on yourself.

Are you ready to take control of your life in uncertain times?

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Imagine a life where you feel fulfilled, have great relationships, experience amazing adventures, and become financially independent doing something meaningful that you love.

  • Start living the life where it’s possible to free yourself from chronic stress.

  • Become crystal clear about your vision and what you can offer to the world.

  • Structure your life to regain harmonious distribution of your time and energy. 

  • Speed up your results doing what you love.

  • Enjoy your active lifestyle, experiences, and adventures without limiting health issues. 

  • Connect with like-minded people so you can better cope with uncertain times.

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How would your life change if you:

  • Feel stronger, more confident, and certain about yourself, and live your life on your own terms

  • Break free from all issues, unfinished cases, and toxic relationships causing you stress and health problems

  • Achieve greater self-awareness, harmony and peace for yourself, your relationships, and your business and become centered and grounded

  • Feel powerful, brave, and open to new possibilities so you can be in control of your life in uncertain times

Are you ready to free yourself?

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Through this program, you will get a framework of principles that you can fill up with a set of practical tools for your personal situation and complex environment. As a result, you will develop a strategy for harmonious distribution of your time and energy.

  • You will retreat from your current reality and travel above the polar circle to make space for your self-discovery.

  • You will kickstart your adventure journey of adapting to change.

  • You will be guided by a professional coach with the support of a proven process.

  • You will connect with like-minded people supporting you on your journey.

  • You will experience a powerful and inspiring world-class destination at the Lofoten Islands with the national park at your doorstep.

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Kickstart your personal adaptation to change in one of the most spectacular locations in the world: the Lofoten Islands.

The archipelago is located in Northern Norway, 300 km above the polar circle and is one of the most magical places on Earth. This exclusive, authentic, inspiring, and powerful world-class tourism destination is a perfect place to retreat and reflect on yourself and your life choices. The Lofoten Islands are:


  • Rated the third most appealing islands in the world because of their excellent natural attractions, rich marine life in crystal-clear waters, white beaches, and magnificent light conditions. The Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, which are the natural phenomena, are only available above the Arctic Circle 

  • Certified as a Sustainable Destination that works systematically to preserve the local nature, culture, and environment as well as strengthen the social values and be economically viable 

  • Setting a goal to become The Green Islands, which means a low-emission society by 2030

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Immerse yourself in a social, safe, and non-judgmental environment of like-minded people with whom you can work and share your time and experiences both outside and inside. 


Here you will meet engaged hosts with unique know-how ready to share their time and knowledge of the islands’ nature and culture.

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  • Located in the most spectacular part of Lofoten Islands, in the picturesque fishing village of Sørvågen, by the lake shore and in front of magnificent and sheer mountains

  • Have the national park at your doorstep and alpine landscape, fjords with crystal- clear turquoise water and huge, sandy beaches at the oceanfront waiting for you to explore them

  • Enjoy high-quality, cozy interior decorated with a personal touch combined with comfortable and fully equipped space for mingling 

  • Own an intimate and sound-proof space in private, standard or superior rooms

Are you ready to start your adventure in Lofoten Planet?

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If you’re not a foodie yet, you will definitely become one after you visit the Lofoten Islands, an acclaimed culinary destination. The delicious local tasty food is sourced directly from nature and prepared with passion by our local master chefs.

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We are privileged to have quite a few world-class restaurants in our neighborhood. 
During the retreat, you will visit some of the restaurants we have chosen to enrich your culinary experience. All of them offer the treasures of traditional Norwegian cuisine with local, fresh ingredients. 


  • Have you ever seen a dried head of a monkfish, smelled stockfish hanging on the racks, or tried Baccalao? Learn more about Lofoten Fishery and Lofotens’ biggest treasure, the Arctic cod, which travels each year from the Barents Sea to spawn here.  

  • Try unique delicacies from the Arctic region, such as white and brown goat cheese  and cloudberry marmalade produced by local farmers.

  • Enjoy a rich selection of locally sourced seafood from crystal-clear Arctic waters; this selection includes stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, trout, halibut, caviar, deep-water prawn, king crab, blue mussels, dishes made of cod, redfish, halibut, coalfish, wolf-fish, and haddock.

  • Join us for our especially designed culinary event at the Lofoten Planet BaseCamp where you will be served fresh local food and enjoy storytelling by our local master chefs. 

  • Listen to the waves breaking by one of Lofoten’s finest sandy beaches while having your lunch. 

  • Get to know the flavour of the famous Lofoten lambs that graze in the mountains and by the sea. 

  • Try out Lofoten seaweed, a delicious brain food harvested in the Arctic waters.

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Imagine traveling to a place with spectacular nature, all shades of blue, the Northern Lights dancing in the sky in the wintertime, and the midnight sun emits its golden glow in the summertime.

Enjoy the view of picturesque fjords, steep mountains with amazing shapes, endless ocean on the horizon, fishing boats rolling in the sea, harbours, and red, cozy fishermen’s cottages built on wooden stilts.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel the silence of the arctic nature right after a stormy day, listen to the sound of the sea, gulls, and sea eagles hunting for fish in the fjords, smell the cod hanging on the racks in the winter season, feel the texture of a dry fish in your hand, and taste wild blueberries and cloudberries matured in the long, bright days and midnight sun.

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During the retreat, we will invite you to take part in some unique experiences that will target all your senses.  


  • On a mindful walk and talk, you will discover all details and focus on your daily tasks. We will pass by a lighthouse, tiny fishing villages, and sharp cliffs. We will also walk along mountain lakes and find our drinking water source. 


  • On a mindful hike, you will raise your energy level and get a bigger perspective and overview. We will reach breathtaking viewpoints and mountain peaks in our surroundings. We will pick a suitable hike based on the weather forecast and the physical shape of the participants. 


  • On a mindful chill out, you will slow down and relax. You will tune in to yourself on a daily yoga and meditation practice. You will clear your body and mind in a sauna event and feel relief and a sense of peace after a whole-body massage. 


  • On a mindful fun experience, you will get to know our TTT ritual and become a member of the Lofoten tribe, meet the locals and join them for a home dining with storytelling, get a boost by taking an ocean bath, take a deep dive into yourself during a sound journey, connected breathwork or energize during a drumming session.

Would you like to partner up for your journey?

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If you feel you need help to take action, the Everchange Coaching Retreat is for you. You will get most value out of this retreat if you:

  • Are an explorer and love travels and adventures to learn and grow

  • Love freedom of choice to do what you want and when you want

  • Love to achieve immediate and visible positive impact on your life

  • Seek real life evidence of your success

  • Enjoy experiencing excellence and spectacular nature

  • Seek the relevance of what you’re learning to your unique reality

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  • Want to map where you are in life right now and structure your everyday life in a harmonious and creative way

  • Want to create and refine your vision for life so you will know exactly where you are heading in the long term

  • Want to implement progressive mindset to be more aware of yourself, become effective in the way you work, learn, and manage your business and life

  • Want to take control of everything that highly impacts you, including dealing with difficult relationships, crucial issues, conflicts, or situations that you need to resolve in your life

  • Need help to structure and organize your commitments so you can get more done in less time

  • Want to develop positive habits and behaviours that will support your vision

  • Want to improve your creative problem-solving, productivity, and self-management skills

  • Need to establish stronger boundaries to better navigate towards your vision so that your time and energy are respected by others

  • Want to cultivate a sense of gratitude and enjoy life every day, especially during the process of adapting to change

  • Want to learn how to better cope with an ever-changing environment in uncertain times

Would you like to join other like-minded people?

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You are your best friend and your worst enemy all at the same time. We will be facilitating your own self-discovery because the source of your answers and solution lies within you. 

We will focus on your superpowers with a commitment to forward-thinking and forward actions. With your permission, we are also going to push you against your challenges, because with challenges comes change.

  • Are you living in the moment but disliking things that feel like boring work?

  • Are you seeing the big picture but struggling with long-term planning and structuring your actions?

  • Are you enthusiastic about experimenting and creating engaging experiences but dislike getting overwhelmed by a lot of details and feeling restricted?

  • Are you open-minded and enthusiastic about new ideas but struggle with implementation?

  • Are you enjoying working with others and being involved in personal interactions for difficult tasks like self-discovery?

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​Through this coaching program you will:

  • Receive guidance on developing your very own Creative Structure for harmonious distribution of your time and energy

  • Have the support of accountability partners in a group setting 

  • Use a proven process with a set of practical and result-oriented tools that you can use for your unique situation and complex environment

  • Have help and group support in applying your own Creative Structure in everyday life so you can also keep it updated along your own journey in the future

Are you ready to kickstart your journey?

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It’s like a compass used in the mountains; it shows you the direction, but you choose how to distribute your energy and time to make a distance.

It is based on the idea that you need to have a clear path for how you can adapt yourself to harmonious, everyday life but with flexibility to easily modify the components of your structure as your personal and professional life changes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for adapting to change, and with this program, you can learn how to create your own, personal, and unique Creative Structure.

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You can train your mind to better adapt to whatever comes your way. So, on your journey of self-discovery, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Become aware of your personality, learning style, thinking patterns, actions, behaviours, feelings and underlying beliefs that brought you to this point in your life 

  • Develop a crystal clear-vision with reasons behind it and a path forward using strategic planning for your personal and professional life 

  • Obtain clarity about yourself, your identity, and your advantages so you will know what you need to learn to become an independent and free entrepreneur 

  • Take full responsibility for your personal and professional life and get it simplified and structured in a way that it allows you to regain time and energy

  • Create unquestionable commitments that will be your drive and motivation on autopilot so you can stay focused on what’s most important

  • Become aware of all your habits, get rid of the ones that are not serving you well, and develop new ones that will benefit you

  • Develop faster and sharper decision-making and action-taking skills so you will accelerate the results and improve your creative problem-solving skills

  • Measure and follow up your real-life results so you will be sure you are navigating and staying on the right track

  • Live mindfully, be grateful for what you already have and enjoy your journey so you will feel empowered on your way to your vision

  • Learn and apply unique skills of developing your personal Creative Structure so you can become an ever-evolving high achiever

Are you ready to adapt to change?

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It is much easier and more sustainable to kickstart the necessary process with your personal guide and like-minded individuals supporting you on your journey. You have the freedom of choice and here are your options:

​Kickstart your personal adaptation to change in one of the most spectacular locations in the world and join like-minded entrepreneurs on this powerful coaching retreat, or . . .

You can keep following old patterns, accumulate even more stress, increase your internal conflict, and accelerate your way towards inevitable burnout.

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Are you ready to free yourself?

1. Apply for the FREE case study

2. Watch the video, and if this resonates with you . . .

3. Schedule the FREE discovery call, and let's see if we are a good fit and how we can work together on the Coaching Retreat in Lofoten Islands!

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Tristan Bogaard

"My partner and I stayed at the Lofoten Planet Basecamp numerous times, to lead photography workshops or to work and relax with friends of ours staying over too. I’d go as far as to describe the basecamp as a transformative experience”


Karina Fürst

"I participated in a workshop with the goal to gather professionals to create a think-tank for a retreat concept. Agata and Erwin were facilitators, and a total of 14 people worked together for 5 days. Lofoten Planet is the ideal place for such gatherings”

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Malgorzata Wolska
Yoga Instructor

"My great gratitude to you both, Agata and Erwin, for having made it possible to visit Lofoten Planet so many times! Your knowledge about this beautiful region and passion for nature have always made me feel safe and so comfortable while having been at Lofoten with my yoga groups”


If you still have questions, we invite you to check our Q&A and schedule a call with us!